IMG_5904 - Version 2Angelo Fernandes

My name is Angelo and I am a street photographer, Fuji X shooter and proud owner of, an online shop for premium camera straps and accessories.

My first contact with photography was back in 2009. I haven’t stopped since then and my life made a 180-degree turn.

Before I really got into photography, I was a product manager and worked with a number of different suppliers, including leather and therefore have always had a love of beautifully crafted products. Having a passion for photography and all accessories, I wanted the perfect luxurious leather strap.  I started my own collection of straps and I’m the developer and designer of the MUFLON camera straps.

I also teach street photography locally in Lisbon.  These two activities allow me to live from photography and dedicate myself 100% to the street genre.

My passion for photography began in the streets, and nowadays the techniques that I developed in this environment is reflected in all my work. I always carry my camera with me. Taking photos every day gives me the necessary training and mental vision to see and capture the right moment.

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