Fuji officially announced the development of the X-Pro3 rangefinder during the Fujifilm X Summit in Tokyo. This camera  will come with better performance and a lightweight and strong Titanium Body , package that sounds great , particularly to street photographers.

Titanium Body

X-Pro3 camera body will be featuring a body  made of titanium, which is an extremely durable and hard material and will come in three different coatings/colors, the classic Fuji black, a DURA black, and DURA silver

Upgraded Hybrid Viewfinder

         Electronic Viewfinder 

The electronic viewfinder uses a brand new EVF panel that promises higher resolution , higher contrast , better brightness , a wider color space and an improved frame rate

The tsumani among the Fuji community !!!

No  traditional rear LCD !!!!

Instead, you get a small LCD displaying basic settings on the back of the camera.

The  LCD screen is hidden in the back of the camera  and  is meant for image review and diving deeper into the menus.

And this was the tsunami among the Fuji community !!!!

On 2011 , Fujifim launch the Fujifilm X100 , and the revolution started ! It was the reason why so many of us felt in love with photography again . Small , with a great retro look , the X100 was the first camera to show a number of new technologies developed by Fujifilm.

2012 , was the year that Fujifilm launch the X-Pro1 and the beginning of the end for my Canon gear.

The X-Pro1 was announced as the Fuji X flagship camera , and they were  right . The flagship of getting back the simplicity of photography , enjoying the moment , using the basic settings , keep the process simple and intuitive , to focus in what really maters : light , composition  , timing .

The X- Pro 3  series is the natural evolution of that search for  freedom and simplicity  in photography , and seems that is  a lot of people out there afraid of being free…

Not using or having a LCD rear screen , is just great . No more time wasted looking to the LCD , instead of looking to what’s surround us . No more battery’s draining .

On my X-Pro2  the view mode is always setting to ” viewfinder only ” …. why do we need to be distracted by  looking at the LCD if we have an electronic viewfinder ?

Hit  the streets or go  for a photo shoot without using the rear LCD and you will see the diference . You will be fully concentrate on the ” hunt ” of the moment , with no distractions or unnecessary stops .You will be more focused on the capture and probably you will take your time to press the shutter , taking  less photos , but with higher success rate . Then just go home and check your pictures , like someone that is opening a present without knowing what is coming . Like in the old days …

The  X – Pro3  is  the  ultimate  camera  for  street  photographers  and  for  all  that  want  to  take  they  photography  to  a different level.Congratulations to FUJIFILM for once more keep the X Revolution alive and fuelling our passion for photography !

Greetings from Lisbon

Angelo Fernandes