The SL Shoulder strap


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The MUFLON SL Shoulder straps are designed especially for cameras without split rings , like the Leica SL , Leica M5 ,Fuji GFX50S ,   Hasselblad Xpan , Konica Hexar AF , Fuji GF670 , etc, but it will also attach to almost any camera if you use it in conjunction with  split rings .

If you have a camera that takes split rings, use the leather protection discs and split rings available in  our shop ,  to attach the strap.

Made from  high quality 10mm climbing rope and premium leather , the SL Shoulder  strap comes with a shoulder / neck leather pad , for better  comfort ; leather endings with a sturdy design and thick hand-stitching to ensure maximum durability.

The links connectors  between the camera and the strap are  adjustable , so you can get up to extra 15cm range  if required.

Works with Peak Design Anchor Links or similar systems.

The SL Shoulder straps are 100% handcrafted.

Technical data:

– 100cm up to 140 long

-Strap connector is 10mm wide

– Shoulder pad is about 2,5cm wide and 24,5 cm long

-Strap leather ending is 4,5cm long and 2,0cm wide

If you’d like a custom strap made to order Click here.