One Day Lisbon Street Photography Workshop


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Largo de Santa Clara

Lisbon Street Photography Workshops


Hit the streets of Lisbon with a local Professional Street Photographer

You will be shooting  in the beautiful streets of Lisbon , with a local street photographer fluent in english and portuguese native speaker  that will guide you and  blend  into the  the real Lisbon , like no one else

The city offers great weather, amazing light, mouth-watering  food and photo opportunities  every were.

Each street has a story to tell and each corner reveals a different secret.

In this workshop, you will be given practical assignments to take  your street photography to the next level , training and develop your mental vision to see and capture the decisive  moment.We will be shooting  in the beautiful streets of Lisbon for a day.

One day workshop 

Your session will start at 10.00 am and will finish at 18.00 pm

Please contact me to discuss your preferred dates.

We will  meet  at 10.00 am starting with a  tuition on the technical aspects of street photography: equipment, composition, exposure, light and focus before we hit  the streets. We will be shooting in the streets of Lisbon until around 17.00 pm with a lunch break and a couple of coffee breaks .  We will finish the day with a review of the workshop and pictures taken over a drink or a coffee .

Your  workshop will include :

Techniques to overcome a fear of shooting street photography

Using composition and light to capture better photos

Exploring different styles of shooting street photography

Choosing camera settings for street

Practical considerations including what camera and lens equipment you should use, what you should wear, and how you       should behave